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The UNICA Community roots go back to College Musitechnic and the Musitechnic Community Center. Musitechnic is an international, not-for-profit college-level arts training organization dedicated to the education and support of artists and technicians in the field of music and audio. Since 1987, Musitechnic has used practical training and concrete application to train Canada’s leaders in creative work at the heart of music and technology.


As a leader in industry, Musitechnic broadened the spectrum of its teaching by implementing a community center and culture hub, which was bound to include the different contexts where music and audio are important players: film, television, radio, show business and even video games.

Within its history, Musitechnic and the Musitechnic Community Center is unmatched in its mentorship opportunities for artists and technicians throughout all career stages. Some key figures include:

music and sound creators

mentoring hours per year

annual events

Based on a 360 degrees approach, UNICA Community synergistically joint forces with the other UNICA CRLI departments and continuously thrive to expand its outreach spectrum and effectively serve all communities. 


Driven by such principle, UNICA Community provides specialized services to audio/visual technicians and artists. It collaboratively serves as an artistic hub for creation and an incubator for research and development (R&D) across artistic, cultural and scientific endeavours. UNICA facilities and services are available to artists, technicians, students, creators, scientists and media industry operatives.

Unica CRLI is also proud of working with outstanding partners within the Art and Music ecosystem, as well as in the R&D and entrepreneurship domains.

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Let’s create together!

Unica is proud to support arts, culture, technology and education.