Research & Development

UNICA CRLI features a research driven organizational structure aimed at meeting the demands of science, technology and innovation addressing sound and music technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Multisensory Extended Reality (Augmented-Virtual-Mixed) and health promotion.


The Institute has a multidisciplinary character, whose purpose is the development of research and intellectual production, offering physical space, human resources, materials and services to the academic and scientific community and the community in general.

Teaching & Learning References

Unica CRLI keeps track of innovative leading initiatives and stakeholders within the education domain. One can find below some important references recognized locally, nationally and internationally.

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McGill eLATE
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Dawson DALC
Concordia EdDev Special Interest Group
Vanier Online Curation & Social Annotation

Research & Development

Academic Research References

UNICA CRLI keeps track of innovative leading initiatives and stakeholders within the R&D scene. One can find below some important references recognized locally, nationally and internationally.

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R&D Partnerships

The Extended (Augmented-Virtual-Mixed) Reality – XR is bound to play a fundamental role in the future of the music creation ecosystem and is also of great relevance for the future of live events streaming. For instance, at the forefront of music innovation, the conception of new music genres and new musical arrangements are strongly linked to spatial perceptions and performers (singers in a video-clip, dancers in a show, actors in a movie, etc.) movements/interactions from a 3-D perspective.

In fact, the XR is already revolutionizing artistic collaboration, education and training. The immersive user experience provided by XR systems represents a worthy and engaging alternative for in-person interactions. This is particularly beneficial in the context of the pandemic, and in a country as vast as ours. With VR, people do not need to travel to access creation and development spaces, or even to attend live artistic events, for instance. Therefore, driven by Musitechnic’s pioneering spirit, Unica CRLI is deeply committed to XR R&D efforts, and actively supports partners initiatives in that regard.

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R&D Activities

The Unica CRLI efforts cover a wide range of activities such as:

Research and Planning

Feasibility studies, consultation, strategic foresight, research, etc.


Development of tools and applications, etc.

Implementation and testing

Evaluation and knowledge sharing

Conferences, symposia, workshops, toolkits, webinars, etc.

Unica CRLI

UNICA CRLI R&D strategy tackles challenges related to:


Applied Artificial intelligence


AI Philosophy


Metaverse and Extended Reality


New technologies social and health related impacts


Environmental Challenges and Sustainability


Intelligent Transportation Systems


Sound, Music, Health&Wellness

The Unica CRLI R&D initiatives are designed to synergistically boost digital innovation and leverage digital technologies in order to address such challenges from a multidisciplinary perspective, and includes:

  • the development of new digital tools and solutions that increase socio-economic resilience and fosters sustainability;

  • the development of collaborations, partnerships, and networks to support R&D and the universalization of education;

  • the promotion of digital / data literacy, accessibility, equity, diversity, decolonization, social justice, and climate accountability.